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Products & Services

Flotation Systems Products, Flotation Systems is the "original" aluminum boat dock. It is unmatched in quality and durability. It is an all aluminum construction dock. You can choose many different colors and designs. Want a slide, roof, or dock locker? Ok, you can have it! They offer benches, recessed cleats, and safety gates. Thats just a small sample of what you can get. Visit their website as well!

Love to fish? Get a Green Monster! Its a submersible light. Its proven to attract all kinds of fish. It can be used in fresh and salt water. Great for parties or just make your neighbors jealous. This product we can also install from Flotation Systems.

Azek decking is quickly becoming the most popular decking for marine construction. It's superb durability and warranty

are just a few reasons. Let us bring you a sample!

We are an authorized dealer for Float-air boatlifts. They are unmatched in quality and reliability. They offer solar power boxes to run your boatlift which is a huge money saver and convenience for those who prefer not to have electricity near the water. Call us and let us tell you why you can't beat a Float-air boatlift.

We are also your local Shoremaster dealer. The leader in pwc lifts. Your seadoos will stay safe and ready to ride.

We also install wooden piers. We choose high quality decking for all of our docks. Want a wooden dock and an aluminum ramp? No problem! We offer many different options to get you to the price you want to be.

Seawalls are another service we offer. If you are losing land or just want a nice looking and super strong wall, call us. We have all the tools to make sure you are getting the best. We also do rip rap rock land stabilization.

We also build custom decks and sittting ares.

We offer pile driving services, boat recovery and so much more.

Before you purchase an aluminum dock, call us. We want to explain the differences and show you why Flotation Systems has the best aluminum dock on the market. We have installed multiple brands of aluminum docks and know that a Flotation System dock can't be matched in quality, durability, or price.

Please call us for all your construction needs, we want your business!

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